Thank You

Random Technology

The second "Adventure in Technology" was a festival of technology which was held on the 28th February at the Trinity Centre in Bristol. The original event page is here.

As ever, the organisers want to thank everyone who participated, exhibited, allowed other people to play with their precious toys, or was brave enough to come and play with someone else's precious toy! There are pictures of what happened on flickr

The Future

Random Innards

It sounds as if we're going to be back for a third shot, on the last Saturday in February again if we can get it. The more participants we get, the more you help with the organisation, setup and running of the event. We are considering more formal session formats and timetabling, and possibly a later start! If you think you can help or you want to hear more about future plans, please join the mailing list and let us know.

More planning and news will happen once we have all properly recovered and caught up with work.

When and Where

28th February 2009 at the Trinity Arts Centre in Bristol. See our location and directions for more details.

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