What to Expect

Random Technology

"An Adventure in Technology" is a party which will be held on the 28th February at the Trinity Centre in Bristol.

We want you to create and discover new ideas using technology. Bring your unexpected toys, your creations, projects and ideas, put them together with others, and see what happens! We won't really know what's going to happen until the day, but we will be announcing any pre-confirmed items in the programme. The day will include talks, workshops, hands-on demos and presentations, and lots of opportunities to play. We are expecting visitors from all over the country and even the world bringing skills, toys and puzzles to share.

Doors will open at 10:00, admission is free, there is a licensed bar, and the party will go on for as long as we do.

What to Bring

Random Innards

If you have something interesting to show off, please bring it. If there's something particular you want someone else to bring, please post on the group and ask. If you have no ideas, what about:

  • Some piece of technology you want to show off.
  • A project you want help with.
  • Hardware to give away.
  • Games and puzzles.
  • A laptop or other computer.
  • A musical instrument.
  • Tools, materials, anything you want to work with.
  • Anything else!

Remember, nothing is too simple or trivial to bring along. If it interests you, it'll interest someone else! If it doesn't work, perhaps we can work out why not. If it's in-progress, it's still interesting; bring it along. There are no rules or restrictions beyond the law and common sense.

Getting Involved

The previous event was organised by Shevek and Mik, and we want to thank everyone who participated, exhibited, or allowed other people to play with their precious toys. However, it was hard work and we would like more help with the next one. If you think you can help, please join the Google group and offer.

Pictures of the previous event are on flickr

When and Where

28th February 2009 at the Trinity Arts Centre in Bristol. See our location and directions for more details.

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